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How Brees, Brady and Rodgers can make Bentley better in 2018

South Carolina’s new quarterbacks coaches want Jake Bentley to throw like Drew Brees and think like Tom Brady in 2018.

That’s a high bar, but it’s what Dan Werner and Taylor Lamb are working toward in the film room as Bentley, the Gamecocks junior quarterback, gets ready for his third season as a starter.

Werner is South Carolina’s first-year quarterbacks coach and is being assisted by Lamb, who is in his first year as an offensive graduate assistant. One of the coaching points the duo added to Bentley’s film study this summer was matching film clips of him making throws alongside clips of NFL stars Brees, Brady and Aaron Rodgers making the same throw.

“That’s something that Coach Werner and Taylor kind of came up with,” Bentley said. “It’s really helped me trying to take bits and pieces from every quarterback’s game and try to implement it in mine. I’m trying to mimic how they do things, their mechanics, their fundamentals, just really trying to get better in that way.”

New Orleans Saints quarterback Brees is regarded as one of the most accurate passers in NFL history, which is why Bentley has paid particular attention to the mechanics of his throws.

“It’s just how upright he is when he throws. He finishes throws very erect, very powerful,” Bentley said. “I think that’s one thing I can look at, whether it’s not locking out my front knee and getting kind of bent over at times. Brees really finishes every throw the same. That’s definitely something I can put in my game as well.”

Bentley is second in school history in career completion percentage (63.4 percent) but threw 12 interceptions last season. Brees has the highest completion percentage in NFL history at 66.9 percent.

“If you look at Drew Brees and his mechanics and how crisp they are, being an undersized guy, he’s really had to have great mechanics to be as successful as he is,” Bentley said. “If you look at Aaron Rodgers, being able to make any throw, off platform, off balance. If you look at Brady, just a guy that really is focused on the craft every single day.”

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