Josh Kendall

Some things aren’t bigger in Texas, this new Gamecock says

Nick Harvey knew there would be different language to learn as he adjusted from playing defense at Texas A&M to playing at South Carolina. What he didn’t anticipate was that there would be so much more of it.

“At first, it was real difficult because we had less calls at A&M, but now I’m getting it, getting a good grasp of everything,” the Gamecocks senior defensive back said. “I feel like I can play well in this defense.”

Harvey arrived in Columbia as a graduate transfer this offseason, meaning he is eligible to play immediately. In the first week of camp, he’s working with the starting secondary at both cornerback and nickel back. That’s along with adjusting to the bigger defensive playbook.

“We play a little bit of everything. At A&M, we played just a couple calls,” Harvey said. “Here, it’s way more calls. This defense puts the corners, nickels and safeties in the best position for them to succeed.”

The Aggies finished ninth in the SEC in total defense last year (408.5 yards per game allowed). South Carolina finished seventh (367.1).

The 5-foot-10, 190-pound Harvey had 109 tackles, one interceptions and 14 pass breakups in three years with the Aggies. He played there for longtime SEC defensive coordinator John Chavis, who he said shares personality traits with South Carolina coach Will Muschamp.

“I feel like they are almost the same type of person,” Harvey said. “If they have to get on you, they will. I feel like they both put a lot of passion into what they do and they love what they do. If you take their energy, you’ll be pretty good.”

South Carolina defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson said it’s been nice adding a player with Harvey’s experience to the secondary.

“We are excited about him,” Robinson said. “He is doing a really good job, can’t wait to see him go. He has to learn some of the different words. The hardest part for a guy like him is they called it one thing and it’s the exact same thing but we call it this.”

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