Josh Kendall

The story behind script ‘Carolina’ making its way to USC’s helmets ... and more

South Carolina fans will see a few new amenities if they come to the Gamecocks’ season-opening football game. School officials are hoping they will be wearing something old if they do.

As part of a marketing campaign behind its new/old script “Carolina” logo, USC officials are asking fans who come to see Saturday’s noon game against Coastal Carolina to wear apparel with the logo. In what senior associate athletic director Eric Nichols called “lucky synergy,” the football team will also wear the logo on their helmets for the first game.

“This isn’t intended to be a secondary logo. It’s more of a retro logo,” Nichols said. “We saw that there was a demand for the script ‘Carolina’ mark so they were putting together a program around it. They had a little more leverage when (head football coach Will) Muschamp has been seen wearing it. Those things kind of worked hand-in-hand.”

The script logo was a regular look for former USC coach Joe Morrison.

Muschamp, who often wears a visor with the logo, said his players began talking in the offseason about bringing back the logo on a helmet. The team’s seniors decided to debut the new helmet in the opening game. It’s the second time since at least 1974 that the team has worn a helmet logo other than the primary Block C logo.

“I was 100 percent for it,” Muschamp said. “We obviously got very good positive feedback and our seniors really like it.”

Muschamp doesn’t know if the team will wear the helmet again this season, he said Wednesday.

The helmets won’t be the only thing that’s new in the stadium. A newly constructed concession stand is expected to cut down on wait times and reduce congestion on that end of the stadium. A distributed access system installed by AT&T is expected to improve the performance of cell phones in the stadium.

The school will bring back DJ A-Minor, who began providing live music in the stadium before games and during breaks in play last year.

“In my opinion, it went well last year,” Nichols said of the disc jockey. “Most of those early issues we saw were more volume related. We are always learning.”

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