Josh Kendall

Why Donell Stanley’s snaps were low and why the Gamecocks believe they’re fixed

It’s a good sign for South Carolina that the biggest area of concern coming out of its season-opening 49-15 win over Coastal Carolina was the zip, or lack thereof, on center Donell Stanley’s shotgun snaps to quarterback Jake Bentley.

“We will discuss that moving forward,” head coach Will Muschamp said. “That is certainly a topic of discussion.”

It was a short discussion apparently. Stanley and Bentley both said Tuesday that the issue had been resolved.

“I guess it was sweat basically,” Stanley said. “The equipment guys have got some solutions for me so I think it’ll be good. It worked pretty good at practice (Tuesday).”

Those “solutions” don’t include wearing a glove, though.

“I can’t really wear a glove on my snapping hand, but we have some stuff that makes your hands grip better,” Stanley said.

Stanley did not reveal what the Gamecocks were using, but whatever it is, is working, Bentley said.

“We got it fixed (Tuesday),” the quarterback said. “It was a lot better. They were fine today.”

Stanley’s snaps all made it to Bentley on Saturday but some of them didn’t have the pace or height the quarterback or Muschamp would have preferred, and that contributed to one fumble that the Gamecocks recovered in the red zone.

“During the game you have to be careful about saying something to a center because you don’t want to say, ‘Donnie, get them higher,’ and he flies one over your head,” Bentley said. “He knew it was happening too, but he wasn’t trying to mess up either.”

Stanley appreciated his quarterback not making it an issue during the game.

“I try not to focus too much on it because that’s when I’ll really screw up,” he said.