Josh Kendall

The one bright spot that might come out of South Carolina’s loss to Georgia

Not a lot of Gamecocks came away from South Carolina’s 41-17 loss to Georgia feeling good, but the USC offensive linemen did.

“Going into the game, we were really hyped up, thinking, ‘We’re going to show something to these guys and show them that we’re legitimate.’ We did up front I think,” starting right tackle Blake Camper said. “No matter what happens, we made a statement that we’re a force to be reckoned with.”

The Gamecocks rushed for only 54 yards (on 20 attempts), but head coach Will Muschamp said his offensive line “did a good job of getting a hat on a hat,” and that there were running lanes available against the Bulldogs.

“I think they played well,” quarterback Jake Bentley said. “Georgia does a lot of exotic blitzes, a lot of crazy stuff that me and them really communicated well, getting it picked up for the most part. They played great. I know they were giving me their best effort and that’s all I can ask.”

South Carolina surrendered one sack and two quarterback hurries against the Bulldogs.

“That’s not up to our standards because we have very high standards,” Camper said. “We expect more of ourselves definitely, but I think overall we had a good game.”

If the Gamecocks offensive line made the statement that Camper believes it did and if it can continue that for the next 10 games, it will go a long way toward South Carolina bouncing back from Saturday’s disappointing loss.