Josh Kendall

Florida consuming Will Muschamp’s thoughts on election day

South Carolina safety Steven Montac urged his teammates to vote after Tuesday’s practice concluded. Head coach Will Muschamp did not. Muschamp said all his attention this week has been focused on Saturday’s game against Florida.

Asked by a reporter at his regular Tuesday news conference if he knew it was election day, Muschamp replied, “I do now. … I’m getting ready for Florida.”

Montac is from Covington, Ga., and did not vote by absentee ballot but did remind the South Carolina natives on the roster to get the polls.

“After practice today, I yelled out make sure everybody goes to vote,” Montac said. “I feel like people are going to vote, they definitely should. I have heard guys talking about it for sure.”

The Gamecocks did not address voting with their players, Muschamp indicated Tuesday.

“He definitely wants us to vote and stay in tune with things,” Montac said. “He definitely told the South Carolina people to go vote.”

Offensive lineman Blake Camper, a senior from Virginia Beach, Va., said he didn’t hear anything in the lead up to the election about voting.

“I haven’t heard it,” he said. “We’re all focused on Florida.”