Josh Kendall

Predicting Chattanooga game silly, how about this prediction

South Carolina is going to beat Chattanooga on Saturday in Williams-Brice Stadium.

There’s no sense burying the prediction in this prediction column for a game in which the Gamecocks are favored by 30.5 points. This space is going to be devoted to a different type of prediction.

Will Muschamp is going to be South Carolina’s head coach for a long time. There has been some of the predictable “fire Will Muschamp” outcry after Saturday’s blown-lead loss to Florida, and there’s a segment of the team’s fan base that seems always at the ready to jump off that precipice or at least throw their head coach off of it.

To be fair, not many if any reasonable people are suggesting that, but for the rest, this seems as good a time as any to clear this up: Will Muschamp will be the Gamecocks head coach in 2019. And 2020. Etc.

Muschamp was 22-16 in his first three seasons at Florida. It got him on the hot seat and fired the next season after a 6-5 year. It is almost certain that he will be 22-16 at the end of his third regular season at South Carolina. It will give him more wins than any Gamecocks coach has ever had in their first three seasons at the school.

With one more win, South Carolina will earn a trip to a bowl game, and it will be just the second time in history the Gamecocks have finished three consecutive seasons in a postseason game.

Stack those numbers on top of these facts: Muschamp has presided over the modernization of a program that was 3-9 the season before he was hired, and he has the complete and total support of athletics director Ray Tanner.

Dread the final score of the Clemson game if you must.

Question the play-calling if you like.

Cringe at the defense if you will.

When you’ve finished with that, understand this fact: Will Muschamp is going to be South Carolina’s head coach for a while.

The pick: South Carolina 38, Chattanooga 17