Josh Kendall

Why can’t Dakereon Joyner or Jay Urich hold on field goals for South Carolina?

Punter Joseph Charlton will hold on field goals and extra points for South Carolina’s football team this year.

While he does that, reserve quarterbacks Dakereon Joyner and Jay Urich are expected to be standing on the sideline contributing nothing to the Gamecocks, at least on game days. Joyner and Urich are both highly athletic quarterbacks with good enough ball-handlings skills to be star quarterbacks for their high school teams.

So, why not use Joyner or Urich as the holder to open up more options on fake kicks?

Time management, says USC special teams coordinator Coleman Hutzler.

“Part of it is, ‘Hey coach I am investing a lot of time in being the quarterback. I have to get warmed up, I have to do things after practice,’” Hutzler said. “That’s hard as a quarterback (who is also a holder), and the other part is just kind of natural (feel for the position).”

That doesn’t mean the Gamecocks wouldn’t consider it, Hutzler said.

“There’s a comfort level and it starts with (kicker Parker White), who Parker feels the best with,” Hutzler said. “We have had some conservations about a lot of different guys, and we’re still working through that but in terms of time invested, Joe is the main guy.”

Charlton is South Carolina’s senior second-team All-SEC punter and can increase his professional profile by holding, Hutzler said.

“That’s something for him as he wants to go to the next level as a punter, you have to prove that you can both hold and kickoff,” Hutzler said. “He’s putting a lot of time into it.”

Charlton was 13th in nation in punting last year with a 44.8 yard average.