Josh Kendall

South Carolina athletics expects another record revenue year. This is how much

The 2019-2020 fiscal year figures to be another record-breaker for South Carolina athletics, Ray Tanner told the USC Board of Trustees on Friday.

The Gamecocks’ upcoming athletics budget is $125,411,845 million, said Tanner, the school’s athletics director. South Carolina projects it will spend $113,010,805 million of that to power its athletic department. Both numbers are all-time highs.

“I feel really good about it because our revenues are all good, and we have managed our expenditures. We manage well,” Tanner said.

The Gamecocks are one of fewer than 20 colleges in the nation whose athletic department clears a profit, Tanner said.

“Do we want to win more? Yes, we want to win more, but we also want to operate in the black,” he said. “To operate in the black in college athletics, there are not that many schools left. I want to continue to be in that category.”

By the numbers

Here are the most important and interesting numbers for the 2019-2020 fiscal year from Tanner’s Friday presentation:

Revenue: $125,411,845

Expenditures: $113,010,805

Largest Revenue Sources

Annual SEC payout: $44.4 million

Ticket sales: $20.9 million

Sponsorships, media and royalties: $17.5 million

Gamecock Club: $13.2 million

Gifts: $9.5 million

Largest Expenditures

Personnel: $52.3 million

Scholarships: $13.6 million

Facilities: $8.8 million

Uniforms, equipment, supplies: $8.3 million

Event/game services: $7.5 million

Team travel: $7.3 million

Top Expected Revenue from 2019 home football games

Alabama: $6.7 million

Clemson: $6.7 million

Florida: $3.4 million

Athletics Department debt

$173 million