Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: 9 of USC’s games could go either way

South Carolina opens preseason camp Tuesday morning.
South Carolina opens preseason camp Tuesday morning.

South Carolina opens preseason football camp Tuesday, and everyone wants to know what everyone always wants to know: How are the Gamecocks going to be this year?

The question is particularly interesting this year after last year’s 7-6 speed bump following three straight 11-2 seasons. Is South Carolina headed back to double digits or not? Everyone wants to know. It’s why we are asking 50 people leading up to the season to see what they think, and if you haven’t seen our 50 Opinions series, you ought to check it out. (Here’s the latest one.)

The truth is, though, that none of them know what the Gamecocks’ record will be in 2015. None of us know either. In fact, there are too just too many toss-up games on this year’s schedule for anyone to have much confidence they are going to come close to the final win total.

Nine of South Carolina’s 12 games this season could go either way. No one would be particularly shocked if the Gamecocks won or lost against North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, LSU, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Florida or Clemson. Usually, based on the strength of South Carolina and the rest of the teams in the SEC, you can pencil in a few wins and losses before the season even starts. Outside of The Citadel, UCF and Vanderbilt as wins this year, good luck with that.

If you can survive the stress, it should be a fun season.