Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Spurrier availability off the charts so far

Say this for Steve Spurrier – he has not been hard to find this preseason.

Spurrier made another headline (Hey, most anything makes a headline in the middle of the August in the football-starved South.) Wednesday morning with a tongue-in-cheek rant about his team.

Whether Spurrier’s jocularity means he thinks his team is going to be better than people think or whether it means he’s trying to fake it until he makes it with this group or whether it means nothing at all, none of us know. What we do know is that South Carolina’s 11th-year head coach has been around.

As much as any preseason (or regular season) in the last five years, Spurrier has made himself available to the media. Spurrier has spoken after almost every practice the last two weeks. It’s a refreshingly open approach at a time when many college coaches and programs are going the opposite direction.

Given that he’s got a starting quarterback to find, it might behoove Spurrier to skip a few media sessions just to avoid the never-ending quarterback questions, but he hasn’t done it yet, and obviously I’m hoping he doesn’t start.