Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Time for one quarterback to go

It feels a little overwrought to say this is The First Monday After The First Scrimmage of the 2015 Season. OK, a lot overwrought, but I’ve heard from a lot of you about Saturday’s scrimmage and most of you have been worried.

This is a good time to point out that it’s very difficult for anyone, even the actual coaches of the actual team, to know exactly what a team will be in the middle of August. Steve Spurrier has made the point several times this month that he believed the defense was going to be stout during last year’s camp. We all know how that turned out, so if you’re worried about a shaky offensive scrimmage, don’t be.

We did learn that whoever the quarterback is going to be needs more reps. The next thing we will learn is which quarterback is going to fall out of the race. I don’t expect any dramatic whittling, but I do expect Spurrier to say as early as Monday night that he’s eliminated one player from the race to be the starter. Although Michael Scarnecchia looked much sharper than Perry Orth in Saturday’s scrimmage, my bet is Scarnecchia is the first to go. (Lorenzo Nunez won’t be cut completely from the picture because his athleticism will get him on the field this season in some capacity.)

Scarnecchia got the most work in Saturday’s scrimmage and he got a fair shot behind the first-team offensive line. I wonder if that was one final look from the coaching staff to make sure he’s not ready to be in the race this season.