Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: So, why can’t they tell us everything?

Steve Spurrier and I had what is a pretty typical head coach-beat writer exchange following Monday’s evening practice.

It’s all on the video on the front page of our site if you haven’t seen it. The gist of it went like this: I was pressing (and I use that term very, very loosely) Spurrier about how the quarterback repetitions were divided in practice Monday evening, and he replied like this, "I don’t know if it was equal Josh. I don’t have to tell you everything."

He’s 100 percent right. He doesn’t. However, as I told him, I have to ask. He understands that, and that’s just kind of how the game works. I’m writing about the exchange for a couple reasons. First, to take you behind the curtain a little bit so that no one thinks that incident was in any way confrontational or out of the ordinary. (We talked for five minutes after the video went off about all the Jordan Spieth golf gear Under Armour sends out to the coaches and athletic directors at their schools. Spurrier got every outfit Spieth wore during his four-day Masters victory.)

More importantly, I’ll address the, "Why won’t he tell us and by extension the fans?" That I don’t have an answer to. Obviously, it’s not like he would be divulging information his players and coaches don’t already know. The quarterbacks in the competition and the rest of the players on the team will know (or may already know) long before we know and frankly even before it’s announced.

Spurrier could be trying to keep North Carolina guessing, but for that to make any sense, he’d have to carry the secrecy right up until the Sept. 3 game against the Tar Heels. That could happen, but I’m not expecting that. We’ll learn sooner or later. Until then, we’ll keep asking.