Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Steve Spurrier Wants Faster Pace

The State

Steve Spurrier wants his team to move faster. That doesn’t mean South Carolina is going to turn into Auburn.

The Gamecocks 11th-year head coach has talked a lot the last week about picking up the pace. He doesn’t mean running more plays, though.

"I’m talking about when the ball is snapped," Spurrier said. "And we can get set quicker, too. After the ball is snapped, we have to get moving. The quarterbacks have to move their feet, stay active, let it go, put something on it, fire the ball."

At the moment, the Gamecocks’ offense can only go as fast as the slowest moving player on the field. In almost every scenario that means South Carolina is relying on a redshirt freshman or a true freshman because the offense is so young.

"We have to move faster, the quarterbacks, receivers, offensive line, get up, get set," Spurrier said.

The Gamecocks ran 947 plays last year (which was actually more than Auburn). That ranked fifth in the SEC and 46th in the country. That’s plenty fast enough from a snaps perspective for Spurrier. What he wants is sharper and faster movement in getting to those plays.

His team has 15 days to see if it can make that happen.