Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: What To Expect From Connor Mitch

Now that Connor Mitch is officially South Carolina’s starting quarterback, the question becomes: What should Gamecock fans expect from the sophomore?

This is a different question than: How will Mitch do in 2015? None of us at this moment have any idea of that. He’s never played a meaningful snap in a college game. He’s never played in an SEC game at all. He’s never played when the pressure was on him to lead the team. How he’ll respond to all those things is unknowable at the moment.

However, we can make some predictions based on his track record. Mitch was a four-star high school quarterback who was recruited by Alabama and LSU among others. This suggests everyone believed he was capable of playing at this level. He threw for 12,078 yards in a timing passing system at Wakefield High School. That should provide a good foundation for Steve Spurrier’s Know It and Throw It system (Know where you’re supposed to go with the ball and get it there decisively.) He was a four-year starter, so he’s well-schooled in mechanics of game day.

All that means that with eight days left until the season-opener, there’s plenty of reason to believe Mitch is ready for the job. If he actually is, well, we won’t know that for a little while longer now.