Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Road Map to the ‘Big One’

I saw the other day where someone asked some form of this question – "When are the Gamecocks going to win the big one?" Not, the SEC "the big one" but the national "the big one."

Then the universe as the universe so often does, provided the framework of an answer for us (the universe is a giver). It came in the form of an article on in which college football writer Matt Hinton broke down what he saw as the chief characteristics of the last 10 national titles.

These are the boxes you have to check if you want to win a national title Hinton decided: elite recruiting (ranking in the consensus top 12 for a four-year period), a coach in his first four years at the school, a dominant defensive line, an elite pass defense and the ability to create non-offensive touchdowns. So, there’s the blueprint. If you’re wondering what it takes for South Carolina, or any school, to win the national title, there it is.

This list is not meant to be discouraging or encouraging, just to serve as an illustration that there is a roadmap to tip, tip top of college football, but it’s not an easy road.