Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Pharoh Cooper’s night a high point

There will be plenty of areas of concern that we can and will go over the rest of this week and maybe the rest of the season, but let’s start this morning with a positive.

Pharoh Cooper looked a lot like Pharoh Cooper on Saturday night. After a slow opener, South Carolina’s junior wide receiver and best player caught nine passes for 100 yards against Kentucky. Six of those catches came in the second half.

What was even more impressive about his effort is that came without getting much help from his friends. There was lots of talk in the preseason about a wide receiver emerging to take some of the pressure off Cooper. Through two games, that hasn’t happened.

Cooper caught nine of the 11 passes caught by wide receivers last week. (Carlton Heard and Deebo Samuel each had one catch.) For the season, Cooper has 12 catches and the rest of the wide receiving corps has five combined. (Two for Terry Googer, two for Heard and one for Samuel.)

How Cooper is getting so open when it’s so obvious that’s he’s the Nos. 1, 2 and 3 option in the passing game is a bit of mystery. Gamecock fans and quarterbacks are happy that he is though.