Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: (Too) early opinions of Gamecocks not good

It feels like we’ve gone from "Let’s see what South Carolina has got this season" to "The sky is falling" awfully fast. Monday and Tuesday were filled with more Gamecocks talk from the national and regional media than I anticipated, and none of it was flattering.

"This program is backsliding in a hurry...I think the window for South Carolina closed last year," FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman said on the Paul Finebaum Show on Tuesday.

"I think South Carolina is just bad," ESPN’s Edward Aschoff said later on the show. "If you keep going down that bad road, I just wonder how it affects them in recruiting."

Finebaum himself wondered aloud about head coach Steve Spurrier’s future.

"It’s a whispered conversation today," Finebaum said. "If this game (against Georgia) goes badly and it could, it is going to be a major topic next week.", a long-running sports website with a strong college football presence, posted an entry titled, "Steve Spurrier is 70, South Carolina is Bad, So Who’s Getting the Job?"

These are all intelligent people whose opinion I respect, and, in the case of the two I know (Feldman and Ashoff), I like a lot. And (and this may become an important point in a month or so), I’m not saying they are wrong.

I’m just saying it’s too early to give up on the Gamecocks after two games. Almost every concern that folks have about South Carolina through two games is completely valid and the combination of those concerns may prove fatal to this season, but it’s not time to be writing this team or Steve Spurrier’s obituary yet.