Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: The thing that worries me

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming first collegiate start of Lorenzo Nunez, and I get that.

Nunez, a true freshman who was a four-star high school prospect, is one of the few reasons for optimism at the moment, and South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier had to start him this week if for no other reason than optimism is in such short supply.

Here’s the part that worries me though: "He’s got to learn where everybody is going and so forth."

That’s what Spurrier said Tuesday while making the announcement that Nunez would take over for Perry Orth and become the third starting quarterback of the season.

That’s a tough thing to learn on the job, especially against a defensive line that Spurrier called "one of the best we’ll face, big, strong guys who run and hustle."

That may be some coach speak, though, considering UCF is No. 73 in the nation in total defense and No. 115 in sacks. Still, on-the-job training for a freshman quarterback can come at a high price to a football team and South Carolina doesn’t have much room for error left in the 2015 season.

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