Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Wide receivers on alert this week

South Carolina’s wide receivers, who have their plate full already, face a new challenge this week.

Freshman quarterback Lorenzo Nunez will be making his first start of the season. The combination of Nunez’s inexperience and athleticism means there are sure to be plenty of scramble plays when the Gamecocks are on offense Saturday against UCF.

That means South Carolina’s wide receivers will need to be a little more vigilant about keeping tabs on where their quarterback is. With Connor Mitch and Perry Orth, that was pretty easy. They aren’t scramblers, and they could usually be counted on to stay in the pocket.

That won’t be true for Nunez, who is likely to take a quick look at his first (and maybe second) passing option and take off if it’s not available. What are the receivers supposed to do when Nunez does take off? We asked wide receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr.

"Sometimes we teach them to block and sometimes we teach them to go run a scramble play and get open," Spurrier Jr. said. "If they turn around and there is a DB right on them, they are supposed to block. If there’s a DB that passes them to the quarterback, they are supposed to go deep and get open."

You know who’s been great on scramble plays? Pharoh Cooper. My guess is Cooper gets a long touchdown at some point Saturday on a scramble play. Just a hunch.