Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Missouri could be better without Mauk

Missouri Tigers quarterback Drew Lock (3)
Missouri Tigers quarterback Drew Lock (3) USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be honest with you, for two years now I’ve found myself wondering, “Is Maty Mauk the best guy Missouri can roll out there at quarterback?”

Now we’re going to find out.

On Tuesday evening, the Tigers announced that Mauk has been suspended for Saturday’s game against South Carolina. What that means is the Gamecocks won’t be facing an enigmatic veteran was 57-of-110 for 654 yards, six touchdowns and four interceptions this season. What it looks like they will be facing is a true freshman named Drew Lock.

Bill Connelly, a writer for SBNation who is one of the smartest guys covering college football at the moment, wrote this earlier this week: “At this point, there’s no question that the player with the most potential on this offense is Drew Lock. Or, more specifically, Lock’s right arm.”

Lock was a four-star prospect last season after throwing for more than 5,700 yards in his final two high school seasons, and Connelly believes Lock makes the Tigers more dangerous.

Mauk is not a guy who scares opponents. Lock is a guy who does, but his propensity to throw some bad interceptions and then pout about it probably scares his coaches and teammates, too.

In my mind, the quarterback switch is a wash. We’ll see.