Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Should USC play in Columbia?

South Carolina athletics director and the rest of USC’s power structure will decide today whether the Gamecocks can host No. 7 LSU on Saturday or must move the game.

There are several factors related to this week’s devastating flooding that are factors in the decision. Access to the city, safety of its infrastructure and the availability of drinkable water at Williams-Brice Stadium are among them, but the overriding factor might be a sensitivity to the Columbia and state community.

Gamecocks officials want to tread very lightly on the psyche of a community still reeling from seven known deaths within Richland County and 14 known across the state.

So this is my question for that community: Would it be inappropriate for South Carolina to host a college football game just days after a major disaster?

We’re all in agreement, or at least we ought to be, that football’s importance pales in comparison to what’s going on in Columbia. Where we might not agree is how we ought to handle that. There are no wrong answers. I certainly can’t tell you what you ought to think about it. You tell me.

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