Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Is SEC East job an easier sell?

South Carolina is not the only school searching for a coach.

Southern Cal, Maryland and Illinois are among those already with an opening and more are sure to follow. That leads to the question of where the Gamecocks’ gig stacks up. That then leads me to an interesting thought.

South Carolina probably can sell coaches on the fact that it is in a less competitive division than Maryland. Think about that for a moment. It wasn’t too long ago we were all throwing dirt on the Big Ten and with some reason. Now take a look at the Maryland job.

The coach that takes that job will be facing Urban Meyer at Ohio State, Mark Dantonio at Michigan State, Jim Harbaugh at Michigan and James Franklin at Penn State every year. At the moment, that stretch looks a lot tougher to get through than Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, etc.

There are a couple of potentially positive messages in this for the Gamecocks. No. 1, things can change direction (relatively) quickly in college football. No. 2, rebuilding in the SEC East doesn’t look like as daunting as the challenge of rebuilding in the Big Ten East. Imagine that.