Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: Gamecocks getting ‘a little physical’

It was just one line in lengthy Tuesday press conference, but it had to be music to the ears of some South Carolina fans.

“We’re going to get a little physical in practice,” Gamecocks head coach Shawn Elliott said.

The question was about any possible defensive changes, and Elliott began to discuss the success Vanderbilt had with stretch plays in the running game.

“That’s something you’ve just got to get off blocks and make tackles,” he said. “The interior defensive line has got to get off those blocks. They can’t be cut at the point of attack.”

The Gamecocks will change their practice strategy to address that.

“We’re going to cut, we’re going to pull tackles (in practice). It is not going to be the first time (the defensive linemen) see things in game-type situations.”

Steve Spurrier was upfront about his reticence to have physical practices for fear of losing players to injuries in practice, and a segment of the fan base always has clamored for more physical practices.

Those folks should be happy today if they were playing close attention to Elliott on Tuesday.