Josh Kendall

Kendall’s Morning Meeting: CFB Playoff could devolve into chaos

Just for fun, let’s talk about chaos for a moment this morning.

The College Football Playoff is rolling right along toward it final four teams at the moment with Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Notre Dame sitting in the coveted top spots at the moment. There’s been a lot of handwringing about the fact that the Pac-12 champion likely will miss out now that Stanford has two losses and about who’s going to emerge from the Big 12, but let’s take it a step further.

What happens if EVERYBODY loses? And it could happen. It probably won’t, but it could.

The top 10 teams in the standings all have legitimately loseable games left on their schedule. No. 1 Clemson probably will play a red hot North Carolina team in the ACC Championship Game. No. 8 Florida has a good enough defense that it could shock No. 2 Alabama in the SEC Championship Game if something crazy happens. No. 3 Ohio State has to play No. 9 Michigan State and Michigan to close out the year. No. 4 Notre Dame has Stanford to end the regular season. Undefeated and No. 5 Iowa doesn’t have much left in the regular season (Purdue and Nebraska) but will have to play somebody good in the Big Ten title game. No. 6 Oklahoma State and No. 7 Oklahoma play each other, and No. 10 Baylor has got Oklahoma State and TCU to go.

What happens if six of the top 10 lose in the next three weeks? There’s not much left to root for in South Carolina’s season save a Hail Mary victory over Clemson on the last day of the regular season, but you can still have a rooting interest in the CFB Playoff, so why not root for chaos? Just to see how it shakes out.