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Muschamp can’t hit the road recruiting this time of year. But he’s plenty busy helping

Will Muschamp talks Williams-Brice upgrades, recruiting

South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp discusses football in Rock Hill and Gamecocks recruiting.
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South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp discusses football in Rock Hill and Gamecocks recruiting.

Will Muschamp wishes he was in the thick of recruiting right now.

South Carolina’s football head coach has sent his assistants on the road, talking to high school coaches, teachers and administrators, turning over every rock for talent in the Southeast and beyond. But he can’t get in on the fun.

As a head coach, he’s not allowed on the road because of a rule colloquially named after his former boss Nick Saban.

“I think it’s ridiculous that we can’t go out recruiting as head coaches,” Muschamp said. “I would love to evaluate.”

So instead, he’s the traffic control man, running and organizing the effort from a central location and doing a little more to fill the days.

“I’m in the office with Matt Lindsey evaluating guys that they’re calling in on, shifting our board,” Muschamp said. “Constantly working through that. We’re doing some opponent study right now, as far as those things are concerned, just to have some notes ready for the guys (when they) get off the road.”

He said much of the value of these stops for his coaches is learning about players’ practice ethic, checking off size and speed questions to confirm what’s seen on film, and perhaps as important, the character side of things. He pointed out, this semester is often when kids’ academic situations come into focus.

The spring also means trips to Gamecock Clubs in the state and beyond, putting in the leg work for fan relations.

He laid out a little of what goes on not only this month, but heading into the rest of the offseason.

-Assistants on the road through the end of May, evaluating players

-June is heavy on on-campus camps. These are spots where coaches can work with players in a hands-on way. Unlike in past years, this will be stretched to three weeks instead of crammed into two. Muschamp said those give an early taste of how a player will function working under a particular coach.

-End of June, early July brings a short break.

-Then back to breaking down the first three opponents and planning out August camp install with SEC Media Days coming on July 17.