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  • Purple martins flock to Lake Monticello (not Lake Murray) this summer

    The annual return of purple martins to roosts in the Midlands appears to have a twist this year, as many more of the birds head to Lake Monticello rather than to the long-established main roost at Bomb Island on Lake Murray.

  • What SC owns: Building space for 30 Empire States

    The state of South Carolina owns a mansion, several stadiums and arenas, enough forested land to cover about half of Rhode Island and a bunch of buildings to store stuff, train workers and hold prisoners. But until recently, South Carolina did not...

  • What killed Joy the elephant?

    The trailer in which Joy the elephant died on a Colorado prairie a month ago had no strap to hold her up in case she fell and no camera to allow constant surveillance by zoo employees following in a chase car.


Heads up! Supermoon coming Saturday; 3 this summer

The full moon on Saturday will appear to be unusually big. In fact, it will be a "supermoon...

LeBron James returns to Cavs: 'I'm coming home'

If LeBron James was going to win another NBA title, heal broken hearts and continue building his...