GOP civil war rages as McCarthy falls

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s startling decision to pull out of the race for speaker of the House of Representatives was the latest vivid illustration of how today’s Republican Party is bitterly divided between hardcore conservatives and pragmatists.

Jay Ambrose: The answer to shooting deaths? It’s not gun control

It loosened them up some last year, but Russia has had strict gun laws for decades and currently boasts as few as 13 million civilian-owned firearms. That compares to something like 300 million in the United States. With attention on gun slayings high again after another mass shooting, should we consider restrictions as tough as the Russian sort?

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The LSU marching band learned the Gamecocks fight song and alma mater after the South Carolina band announced they were unable to travel to the game. The Gamecocks were forced to move their home game to Baton Rouge, La. after devastating floods damaged parts of the state. (BY: Moe Athmann, Special to The State)

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