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  • Columbia may restrict access to park playgrounds

    It appears that such “minor child play zones” would be the first attempt in South Carolina at protecting children at city parks this way. The park likely to have a restricted playground first is Roy Lynch Park, which abuts Logan Elementary School...

  • Supporters shine at hearing on Kershaw gold mine

    Kershaw residents supporting plans for a big gold mine — and the nearly 800 jobs it promises — stole the show Thursday at a hearing to discuss how the mining operation will affect the environment. Most of the nearly three dozen speakers provided ... 2 hours ago


Another Big Saturday

Saturday is another busy April day in the Midlands. Make your plans now for the dramatic Quarry ...

Editorial: Midlands’ Riverbanks Zoo a source of pride for 40 years

WHEN CITIZENS and leaders of Lexington and Richland counties embraced...