Purple martins again fill the sky over Lake Murray

Watching the birds popular summer pastime

Numbers appear less, Clemson University expert says

Improved habitat will attract more, one bird-watcher says


Animal Island: Cut tree branches to move unwelcome birds along

Q: We live near the water and four or five pairs of some kind of small heron have built nests in some very large maple trees in the front of our house. The first year they did this there was only one pair and we thought it was kind of cool, but now the mess on our front lawn is unbelievable. Poop and feathers are everywhere and all over our cars if we park them in the driveway. Is there any way we can discourage the birds from living here? Nothing scares them at all; people on our block shoot off fireworks every Fourth of July and it does not faze these birds at all.

Food & Drink

As SC food entrepreneurs grow, so do commercial kitchens

As the number of SC food entrepreneurs grows, so does the need for certified space where to work. This need is even more prominent today, when concerns regarding food safety also have risen. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently changed the requirements for labeling food products to be stricter.


Chris Erskine: Got a teen? Consider a puppy crate

At night, we've started experimenting with keeping our youngest son in a crate. He's 13, and in the early stages of a rough pubescence - is that redundant? Aren't all pubescences rough? Like hurricanes and root canals, aren't they all a little harrowing?


Living with Children: New teacher could be cure for disruptive behavior

Q: Our son is a rising second-grader at a private school. Last year, his behavior was often disruptive and sometimes even downright defiant - problems his first grade teacher did not have with him. At home, we have no more than typical "boyishness" - nothing approaching serious. Nonetheless, at the school's request we took him to a private counselor they recommended. When that did no good, the school began insisting he had a disorder and wanted him put on medication - something we will not do. Anyway, we want to take preventive steps to head this off before it becomes an issue in the coming school year. Can you give us any advice?


Lori Borgman: On call for potty training

I fielded four calls before I finally found out that my name and number had been posted on a bathroom wall. It's not as bad as it sounds. My contact info, along with my picture, are on a poster on the bathroom wall where one of the grands is potty training.


Famous quadruplets turn 16

Sisters Anna, Emily, Grace and Mary Claire Mathias are similar in that they’re all sassy, giggly and sharp, which is in contrast to how they initially gained notoriety. The Lexington girls make up a set of identical quadruplets, one of only about 70 sets in the world and even rarer in the fact that they were conceived naturally. The rising high school juniors turned 16 in February and have the wonders and woes of their late teen years to look forward to, from driving to figuring out career pathways and college.
Matt Walsh
Famous quadruplets turn 16 0:57

Famous quadruplets turn 16

Ginger the dog gets a snow ball at Pelican's SnoBalls 0:49

Ginger the dog gets a snow ball at Pelican's SnoBalls

Tips for taking better fireworks photos 1:14

Tips for taking better fireworks photos

Miss South Carolina Pageant in 2 Minutes 2:03

Miss South Carolina Pageant in 2 Minutes