The Stone Necklace

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Regulatory gaps leave unsafe lead levels in water nationwide

In Sebring, Ohio, routine laboratory tests in August found unsafe levels of lead in the town’s drinking water after workers stopped adding a chemical to keep lead water pipes from corroding. Five months passed before the city told pregnant women and children not to drink the water, and shut down taps and fountains in schools.


Chapter 17: The Stone Necklace

Excerpted with permission from The Stone Necklace: A Novel by Carla Damron, published by the University of South Carolina. © 2016 Carla Damron. All rights reserved.


Family Meals Matter: Healthy hearts, happy stomachs

February is American Heart Month! Take care of those you love by planning and preparing balanced meals that follow the DASH eating pattern. Proven to reduce high blood pressure without medication, a DASH eating pattern emphasizes a variety of low-fat dairy foods, vegetables and fruits, with reduced sodium and saturated fats. The great news is this eating pattern is rich in flavor for happy stomachs as well as healthy hearts. For more about DASH, visit

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Yardsmart: Seed-grown flowers are the best home improvement bargain. Try these spring blues

Grandmother loved seed-grown flowers that gave her yard a charming cottage garden look for just pennies. Whether gardening on the farm or in the bungalow in town, she didn't buy her seedlings at the garden center. Instead, she ordered seed through early catalogs. Often she grew them in the "dooryard," an old term for the small gardens within picket fences where kids and flowers and herbs shared ground. Imagine the joy of fresh-cut flowers in a dark log cabin, sod home or adobe with small windows and candlelight.

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Have a heart

Here's a creative project where a little waiting has a big payoff: Kids use colored glue to create glasslike suncatchers that really shine.

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Style at Home: Romancing your home

Valentine's Day is lots of fun, by why reserve the romance for just one day of the year? It's so easy to make your daily life more romantic just by adding a few special touches to your decorating. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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