Skyler: When it's time for parents and kids to part ways

Recently I did something I haven't done in a very long time: I went on a hike alone. There was a time – about three years ago or so – when I was always accompanied by my two kids, Malcolm and Lux. Possibly they were forced to go, and probably at least one of them complained, but they went with me because I told them they had to.


Suicide, cyberbullying, and more conversations to have with teens about '13 Reasons Why'

The Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," based on the best-selling 2007 book, is the story of a teen girl who commits suicide, leaving behind a series of tapes that hold the story of her motives. Teens who watch this excellent but extremely dark and dramatic series may find themselves identifying with the characters, including the smart, troubled Hannah Baker. In this story, where not many adults are role models, the kids are left to process Hannah's suicide on their own.


Book review: 'Olivia the Spy,' preschoolers learn about the dangers of eavesdropping in adorable tale

Parents need to know that Ian Falconer's "Olivia the Spy" is another winner in the picture book series starring an adorable pig who often appears in a red-and-white striped onesie and tends to get into typical kid trouble. This time, after making a few mistakes around the house, she hears her mom complaining about her on the phone and spies on her parents to hear more. Ultimately, she hears a part of a conversation that leads her to believe she's being sent to prison (her mom's actually taking her to the ballet as a surprise). It's a funny misunderstanding cleverly laid out, with a lesson not only for eavesdropping kids but also for complaining parents.

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Want to clean your home without hurting the planet? Here's where to start

Personal hygiene and a clean home prevent the spread of germs, which is essential to our health, yet the majority of household cleaning products contain chemical ingredients with adverse health effects that also harm the environment. Some brands even contain cancer-causing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. How's that for a doozy of a catch-22? Although it sounds like a pretty bleak situation, there are many organic household cleaning products and brands that help you scrub away the dirt without leaving an even bigger metaphorical mess behind.

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Yardsmart: How to restore raised beds without using dry fertilizers

Are your raised beds in jeopardy? Is the potting soil worn out after last summer's intensive vegetable gardening? Did you plan to rejuvenate that microbial world before you replant? Maybe the fertility was gobbled up by last year's crops. Maybe you need some rocket fuel to kick-start the nutrient levels so your plants explode into growth.


Sean Mendes' Quintessential Hamburger

Chef and owner of Roadside Seafood and Blues Cajun Kitchen on James Island talks about the specialty burgers on his menu
Sean Mendes' Quintessential Hamburger 1:27

Sean Mendes' Quintessential Hamburger

Reflecting on Scripture: Carey Grady 1:49

Reflecting on Scripture: Carey Grady

Reflecting on Scripture: Eric Wolf 1:45

Reflecting on Scripture: Eric Wolf

Reflecting on Scripture: Bradley Smith 1:57

Reflecting on Scripture: Bradley Smith