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Welfare reform, the bipartisan success story

Liberals have grown more and more convinced over time that welfare reform was a material disaster for the poorest among us and therefore a moral disaster for the nation as a whole. Many conservatives have pronounced the system a failure as well, claiming that its safety-net features have done little to affect poverty rates. Fortunately, both sides are wrong.


Editorial: Payback that makes us all proud

We’re sure the University of South Carolina, its fans and every South Carolinian would have preferred to never pay back LSU for what that school did after October’s floods here. Unfortunately, we got a chance to repay the favor just this month, and we responded in kind. The payback was heartwarming, bringing tears to more than one Louisianan.

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Don’t laugh; naked Trump statues are beneath us

I call foul on the naked Donald Trump statues. We can all do better. Anarchist art collective Indecline placed life-size sculptures of the Republican presidential candidate in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle last week, showing Trump with no clothes, a bulging belly and in want of certain anatomy. The installation was titled “The Emperor Has No Balls.”

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Anger that produced Trump won’t go away, win or lose

Ann Coulter has been warning that the polls were undercounting Donald Trump’s supporters ever since he started out near the bottom of a 17-candidate Republican field. The main reason, she believes, is that Trump is going to be the biggest beneficiary ever of the so-called Bradley Effect, named for Tom Bradley, a black mayor of Los Angeles who lost the 1982 gubernatorial election in California despite a seven-point lead in the polls on the eve of voting. Pollsters concluded that a lot of the people didn’t want to admit they were voting against a black candidate.


Most professors are Democrats. Here’s why.

Citing that Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 in faculty positions at the University of North Carolina, Senate Majority leader Phil Berger suggests that Republican job candidates are discriminated against when they apply for university positions unless they “toe the line from the left.” However, it seems likely that there may be other, more objective explanations for the imbalance of party affiliation.

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A nice column about Donald Trump

Suddenly everything in Trump World changed. Not only did Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort resign following reports of his involvement in Ukrainian politics, but Trump hired a woman, Kellyanne Conway, to become his new campaign manager. And: He suddenly started being nice.

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An actual African-American addresses Trump outreach effort

Donald Trump asks what black voters have to lose by trying the Republican Party. That’s a good, fair question. Too bad the guy asking it ranks as the most racially inflammatory presidential candidate since arch-segregationist George Wallace. Instead of making his black-voter sales pitch by talking to us, he’s doing it by talking about us to white audiences.

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Scoppe: School discipline, academics and the 18th horse

I can tell you how to make our highways safer, or make our tax code smarter, or improve our ethics law or or judicial selection law. But problems with school discipline and low test scores don’t have obvious answers, largely because critics are correct to lay them at the feet of parents who don’t do their jobs. What those critics refuse to recognize is that we have to find answers even when they aren’t obvious.


South Carolina's Broken Roads: Senate's plan is a joke

Opinion writer Cindi Ross Scoppe weighs in on the Senate's roads plan. She explains how the plan will take money away from schools and other state funded agencies to fix the roads in South Carolina
South Carolina's Broken Roads: Senate's plan is a joke 2:10

South Carolina's Broken Roads: Senate's plan is a joke

VIDEO: Recent editorial cartoons by Robert Ariail 2:48

VIDEO: Recent editorial cartoons by Robert Ariail

Robber uses handgun in Garners Ferry 1:25

Robber uses handgun in Garners Ferry

Rico McWilliams missed camp to help family in flood-ravaged Louisiana 0:59

Rico McWilliams missed camp to help family in flood-ravaged Louisiana