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How I Go Columbia: Capital City Playboys

The Capital City Playboys are one of Columbia’s most beloved rock ’n’ roll bands, entertaining fans with a mix of rockabilly and garage rock performed with “punk-inspired vigor.”

The trio are music industry veterans: Marty Fort is owner of Lexington Music School and Columbia Arts Academy; Kevin Brewer is an official musician for the U.S. Army; and Jay Matheson is owner of the Jam Room Recording Studio and founder of the Jam Room Music Festival.

Capital City Playboys will play Saturday, Dec. 31 at Famously Hot New Year, South Carolina’s largest New Year’s Eve party. The celebration will feature headliner Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, set on Gervais Street in downtown Columbia, next to the State House. (Details, pages 4-5).


Brewer: If I’ve got time to really sit down and enjoy some fine dining, I’ll hit up Motor Supply, Mr. Friendly’s or Bourbon. The Whig is also a great stop for food. I have to mention Blue Cactus as one of my overall favorite Columbia restaurants. Their bi bim bap is the gold standard.


Brewer: The Army has kept me on the road for the past eight years, but fortunately, I have always been within a half-day drive or less from Columbia. When it comes to getting a drink, one of my first stops is either Delaney’s or Speakeasy because I love the neighborhood vibe – and I more or less wasted my youth there. I also love The Whig because it’s nice and laid-back most of the time.


Fort: I’m a big fan of good views, and Columbia has some really cool spots – the Sheraton Rooftop, Riverfront Park, Lake Murray dam, Liberty on the Lake, Saluda Shoals and Irmo Park, to name a few.


Brewer: I love to see who’s playing at the Art Bar or the New Brookland Tavern. Both places have been instrumental in Columbia’s vibrant local music scene and they are where I cut my rock ’n’ roll teeth. I try to catch the live jazz at Speakeasy whenever possible.


Fort: There’s a lot of great art and music going on in Columbia, from Trustus Theatre to the Southeastern Piano Festival at USC. The upgrades at Riverbanks Zoo are also great. And we’re excited to play at Famously Hot New Year this year in downtown Columbia, before Trombone Shorty hits the stage.