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UU Coffeehouse closes out its season Saturday

The tradition of sharing stories through music is as old as sharing stories themselves, particularly before the invention of the written word. And while screens and keyboards have taken the place of pens and paper, using songs to convey thoughts has, thankfully, survived.

Few singer-songwriters do it better than Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin, the married folk musicians who pick, strum and harmonize their way through a range of emotions with every set. They’ve had plenty of practice: between them, the couple has recorded more than two dozen albums, including a duo album that was released last year.

Where Schmidt’s solo songs are filled with yearning and guitar playing so precise that it could serve as another voice, Elkin’s solo outings move between songs so personal that her voice cracks with emotion and sweet melodies alive with pretty musical details. Together, their subtle harmonies seem to create new notes out of the air.

On Saturday, May 9, the couple will perform at the UU Coffeehouse for the venue’s final show of the season. At intermission, there will be a special recognition of Uncle Gram, the truck driver and folk music enthusiast who retired in February after 37 years behind the microphone hosting the Red Bank Bar and Grill Show, a Saturday morning tradition for a generation of WUSC listeners.

Doors open at 7pm; the show begins at 8pm. Tickets are $17 at the door and $15 if purchased at www.uucoffeehouse.org, or by calling the UU Hotline and reserving tickets (803) 200-2824. Students are just $3. Soft drinks and a limited menu are available; guests are welcome to bring their own adult beverages.

Katie McElveen, Special to The State