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5 Minutes with artist Anthony Lewis

Artist Anthony Lewis
Artist Anthony Lewis Submitted

If you’ve been to any art functions in the Columbia in the past year, more than likely you’re seen the work of Anthony Lewis.

Lewis is a newly renowned 50-year-old self-taught artist who came into painting later in life. His style includes urban abstract with a flare of realism that engages your visual senses, and he is fond of using acrylic, oil, charcoal, and mixed media. This goes to show life’s calling doesn’t always show itself early on.

In the past four years, Lewis has been featured in dozens of art events and has held two solo shows. He doesn’t appear to be slowing down a bit and that’s good news for art lovers of Columbia. You can view and purchase his work at saatchiart.com/alewisproject.

Q. How long have you been involved in painting?

A. About four and a half years. But I’ve been a personal appreciator all of my life.

Q. What got you into the hobby so late in life?

A. Basically depression. I was going through a depressive state and thought about painting. The love of charcoal when I started drawing led to me painting.

Q. What type of art do you specialize in and what about the process is therapeutic to you?

A. I like to focus on afro-centric art but in a figurative manner. I love when I paint and don’t have to be locked into just one concept. I paint what I feel and I’m really focused on using lots of color.

Q. Do you have any shows coming up?

A. Currently no. I’m actually back in school. That’s been taking a bunch of my time.

Q. I understand you’re an Eagles fan. Do you think we’re going to get another Super Bowl ring this year?

A. I doubt it. Honestly I haven’t really paid much attention to it after how they treated (Colin)Kaepernick. Honestly I’ve been so focused in school and the art that it’s great to just focus on the things I love.