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5 minutes with Columbia singer Dajulyn

Singer Dajulyn is the modern day girl of sass.
Singer Dajulyn is the modern day girl of sass. Photo courtesy of Dajulyn

For those folks who claim there aren’t enough great singers from the Carolinas, clearly you haven’t received the memo about Dajulyn.

Originally from from Orangeburg, Dajulyn now resides in Lake Wylie and works out of Charlotte. Her latest single. “Dirty Diana 2.0,” could easily be worked into your radio rotation and people would likely think it belongs to an artist on a major label. You’ll want to add this to your latest party mix and then thank me later.

Q. How did you get into singing and what was your first experience like?

A. I started singing at 4 years old in the church. I knew this was my passion since the moment I started singing because of how it made people feel. I was called to sing a lead solo in church. I didn’t really know how to feel in the beginning — I just knew to sing — so I remember feeling scared at first. When I sang, I felt a wave of emotion and a connection from the crowd. It felt like I was destined to do this.

Q. I understand you have a new project in the works. Tell us more about it.

A. Where do I begin? “Dirty Diana 2.0” is the modern day girl of sass. I had so much fun working on this record. I woke up one morning before heading to the studio with a concept in mind, but not knowing exactly how the beat was going to turn out. I just knew I wanted to try a Caribbean beat and hit them with a catchy melody and phrase. I just kept singing “Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty, Dirty Diana” and knew it would be a smash.

I teamed up with singer-songwriter Mekkada and producer Krazy Figz on this project. It’s available on streaming sites such as Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and Google Play.

Q. What are some musical inspirations you draw from?

A. I draw from a lot of old-school artists. I am a student to artist such as Anita Baker. She is the vocal godmother in my head. I also draw from artist such as Deborah Cox, Yolanda Adams, Keke Wyatt, Brandy, Fantasia — the list goes on.

Q. What is your song-writing process?

A. My song-writing process varies. Sometimes I can write a song in an hour while other songs can take days. As with anything I do, I want to perfect it and let it flow naturally.

Q. What’s next for you?

A. I’m wrapping up my next project and dropping visuals this year. Expect a signature brand from me. I hope to give fans versatility with my sound. Think of my music as a splash of old-school with a modern day twist.