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Big Red Barn Retreat 

The Big Red Barn Retreat provides soldiers and veterans a place to find peace.

On Friday, it’s going to provide the community a jamming good time to help provide that “peace of mind.”

DECARLO, comprised of Tommy DeCarlo, lead singer of the legendary rock band Boston, and his son, Tommy DeCarlo, Jr., will perform at the Big Red Barn Retreat 2019 Summer Jam. U.S. Army veteran and singer/songwriter, Brendan Roberts

will also perform.

The fundraising concert will be from 7 to 10:30 p.m. July 19 at Palmetto Citizens Amphitheater in Doko Meadows Park.

Beer and soft drinks will be sold by the Big Red Barn Retreat and there will be a variety of food vendors and family-friendly activities.

The concert will raise money for The Big Red Barn Retreat, which offers free programs, classes and workshops to active duty and military veterans and their families. The Big Red Barn Retreat offers integrated tools for survival, whether you are active duty or not.

Programs and classes include meditative yoga, healing art, equine assisted therapy and gardening.

The retreat is 75 wooded acres in Blythewood, with walking trails and a pond.

The concert will help provide funds to operate Big Red Barn Retreat but it also helps show neighbors what the retreat does.

“Like all nonprofits, we needed to fundraise and we wanted to do something that was very inclusive of everyone -- parents, families, and even grandparents,” said Sutton Shaw, whose family founded Big Red Barn Retreat.

They thought using Blythewood’s picturesque Doko Meadows Park was an ideal place for a community event.

“Given that the town of Blythewood has been so supportive of the Big Red Barn Retreat, we wanted to do an event that brought people and families together from around the area to connect, enjoy music, and learn a little bit more about the work of the Big Red Barn Retreat,” Shaw said.

Bringing Tommy DeCarlo and his son to Blythewood is guaranteed to tap into some nostalgic memories for Boston fans. The DeCarlos, and Brendan Roberts, talked with us about the event.

Tommy DeCarlo

Q. Why did you want to play at an event like The Big Red Barn Retreat Jam?

A. I have several nieces and nephews currently serving in the military. An event like this touches close to home, so when I was approached about being a part of this, needless to say I was very excited about the opportunity.

Q. What do you enjoy about performing with your son?

A. Having the opportunity to perform alongside my son has been a wonderful experience. I'm proud of the fact that he took an interest in music at such a young age the way I did. He is without a doubt the backbone of DECARLO, and we wouldn't be where we are today without his drive and passion!

Q. Why do you still perform?

A. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, however, the opportunity to perform live didn't come until I was 42 years old. I thank Tom Scholz and the band Boston for that opportunity as they are in fact the very first band I've ever been in, and although I've been performing with them since 2007, it still feels very new to me. Whether I'm on tour with Tom Scholz and Boston or performing alongside my son with DECARLO I have a lot left in the tank, and plan on riding this rock and roll train till the wheels fall off.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A. See ya'll July 19th for amazing night of classic rock and roll at the Big Red Barn Retreat!

Tommy DeCarlo, Jr.

Q. What do you enjoy most about performing with your dad?

A. Sharing the stage with my dad has been awesome. Because we both love the same music we're locked in for each performance, and know exactly how the other feels performing this timeless music.

Q. Why do you like playing at events such as this one?

A. I'm very proud to say I have a number of cousins serving in the military, and to be a part of an event that gives back to them for all they do for us is a great way of showing my appreciation.

Q. Is the music you play - rock from the 70s and 80s - your favorite style of music, or do you have a different type you prefer?

A. Classic rock is in fact my favorite music to perform, however, I'm a big fan of music in general - hip hop, alternative rock, r&b and classical.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A. Our show is very unique in the fact that we make a conscious effort to perform these songs as close to the originals recordings as possible.

Brendan Roberts

Q. Is it unusual for an infantry solider to become a musician?

A. Well for me, I’ve always been kind of an odd ball. Doing things the other way than the usual. I know a lot of infantrymen that knew how to play instruments, but none went on and pursued a career in it. I learned how to play the guitar while I was deployed in Afghanistan. My friend Padrick Duque taught me four chords and I ran with it after that. I started playing some weekend shows in Fayetteville, N.C. to get used to playing in front of random strangers. I fell in love.

Q. What are your thoughts about what The Big Red Barn Retreat is doing?

A. I’m 100 percent on board with doing treatments that are more hands-on and less about medication. So I am very much on board with what the are doing at the Big Red Barn Retreat.

Q. Why do you enjoy performing at events like The Big Red Barn Retreat Jam?

A. You know I don’t see or meet too many veterans like me in Nashville. I love the retreat because their my people, they get me. And I know they will listen to my music and give me a chance.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A. I appreciate the Big Red Barn Retreat for having me out and I’m looking so forward to playing!

Lezlie Patterson, special to GoColumbia

If you go

When: 7-10:30 p.m. July 19

Where: Palmetto Citizens Amphitheater in Doko Meadows Park

Cost: Advance general admission online $10; $12 at the gate. Kids 12 and under free

Notable: No coolers allowed. Bring chairs and blankets.

For more information: www.thebigredbarnretreat.org