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5 MINUTES WITH Tyrell James

Tyrell James.
Tyrell James.

Tyrell James is a real life Superman. By day he’s a teacher and by night he’s a pro wrestler by his moniker Big Game James. In addition to being featured in the Columbia area, you’re probably seen him on a few matches on WWE. Enjoy. Tell the people who you are. My name is Tyrell James. I’m a public school band director and also a professional wrestler. I have dreams and aspirations to do more with it. It’s what pays the bills right now. Tell us about the local wrestling scene in Columbia and your involvement The local scene is incredible. We have some great companies in Columbia and other parts of SC. You have Live Wire Wrestling, Boshido in Augusta, Palmetto Championship and Midlands Champsionship wrestling both in Columbia. So many great places and the people you see out here you will eventually see them on television. These are the places they get their start. What got you started into wrestling? I had a martial arts background since grade school. I loved combat sports and when I got older MMA started to take off so I started with MMA. A part of me didn’t like the direction it was getting into because so many guys didn’t have a legit martial arts background in a particular style of disciple and too many people wanted to be tough guys and get in the cage. I also was a huge wrestling fan and realized I could do that too. So, I met a trainer Susan Green from South Congaree and she trained me up and I ended up with my first match years ago. Since then I’ve been on WWE tv, WWE magazine and all these years later still chasing dreams. Favorite wrestler of all time? Chris Jericho


Preach Jacobs, special to GoColumbia