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5 MINUTES WITH Singer and musician Venecia Runningwolf

Renaissance Woman - Venecia Runningwolf.
Renaissance Woman - Venecia Runningwolf.

The Columbia scene has had a secret weapon in Venecia Runningwolf for a while. Outside of just being an amazing singer and musician since her debut EP “5 On the Blackhand Side,” she’s been a fixture in anything creative. We sit down with one of Columbia’s brightest renaissance women. Enjoy.

Q: For the people that don’t know you, tell us who you are.

A: When in the medicine work, I’m Venecia Runningwolf; when in my art, I am Venecia Nahai. Family, friends and folk around town know me simply as V. I’m a mother, musician, holistic arts practitioner and visual artist, a woman who is dedicated to the work of the spirit, a nature baby and student of her wisdom. I make medicine music and music to just get loose to. My holistic practice includes sound therapy hypnosis and EFT.

Q: You’ve traveled a bit. Let us know where you’ve been and how does that inspire your art.

A: Traveling has had a major effect on my art and ability for expansion in the practice without being so fearful of the outcome as having been exposed to other cultures while living abroad has been such an open well of blessings and artistic encouragement. I lived in Germany twice as a child. My father’s retired military. I also lived in China for a few years with my daughter teaching English. That was a very enriching experience. It taught me a lot about the process of flowering into my feminine courage and artistic expression. I’ve had the opportunity to teach, sing, act, do some voiceover work and explore. Musically, I was very inspired. While living there I recorded an album and learned to play one of China’s traditional instruments, the Guzheng.

Q: Tell us about some new projects you’re working on.

A: I’m currently working on new music and have begun performing after over a decade of having not performed solo in the city. I do perform in Atlanta, and am looking forward to bringing all the different aspects of my music back home. I also currently conduct group sound therapy sessions and concerts that sometimes include hypnosis, affirmation work and the use of different sacred instruments and songs written to help facilitate a great time, health, wellness and healing.

I am always creating — couldn’t stop if I tried. I’m always working on something artistic and creative. I’ve had the beautiful opportunity of doing soundtracks, wardrobe styling and artistic direction on some great films by my fellow local artists and great friends Roni Nicole and Cedric Umoja. This has helped to open me up to the option of further working in these capacities as well, which are all rather new for me. Aside from being in nature, being creative is my therapy.

Q: Tell us about the creative scene in Columbia and how you’ve seen it develop over the years.

A: I’m excited about the creative scene here, honestly. I’ve seen it blossom more and more year after year, it’s beautiful. I love how open the city has become to all kinds of artistic expression. There have been so many meaningful projects that have unfurled over the last few years especially. I have a no doubt that Columbia will be one city to keep a close eye on in terms of birthing some wonderful artists and wisdom work that emerges as a result of its opening. I can’t wait to season the pot with what I have to offer in service to the work of continuing to build the scene alongside all the other beautiful creatives out here doing their thing!

Preach Jacobs, special to GoColumbia