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PHOTO SC Presents New Photographic Exhibit

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ML Miller

PhotoSC, former named The Photographic Society of South Carolina, has adopted a vision to develop a dialogue about photography and the photographic arts; an appreciation of the most contemporary and ever-changing art form and its role in society, while serving as an informative and engaging resource for photographers, artists, students, and scholars through exhibitions, classes, and a community outreach

Their new exhibit, Collective Vision, opens on September 4, 6 p.m. and will run through October 20th, in The Hallway Gallery at 701 Whaley.

PhotoSC will showcase the work of six photographers three of them, Gerry Melendez, Chris A. Berry and Anne McQuary who are all former staffers at The State Newspaper. All of these photographers share a passion for the genres of street photography, southern photography and documentary photography. The new exhibit will consist of 24 unique images, 4 each from the work of photographers Chris Aluka Berry; Robert Coffey; Anne McQuary; Gerry Melendez; ML Miller and Katie Purnell.

While all the photographers hail from the South, each has a distinct vision when addressing the poignancy of a street encounter, the eclectic ooze of Southern culture, or the honest juxtaposition of elements before their lens. Works in color and in black-and-white will be presented by the photographers.

PhotoSC is dedicated to our mission of “the exploration of photography and the ever changing landscape of image making and visual culture.” Our organization looks to partner with other organizations to present photography, to create spaces so that photographers can reveal their work to a larger public, educate about the history of photography, the art and craft of the medium, visual literacy and photography’s role in society