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5 MINUTES WITH Brandy Webster

Brandy Webster Founder of Tranquility Matters Massage.
Brandy Webster Founder of Tranquility Matters Massage.

Brandy Webster is the founder of Tranquility Matters Massage in Columbia and she believes every one should take the time out for self-care. We chat with her about the importance of taking care of yourself, how to overcome certain stigmas in the African-American community and what she plans to do next.


Q: For the people that don’t know you, tell us who you are.

A: My name is Brandy Webster and and my business is Tranquility Matters Massage. I’ve been massaging for eight years, in business for five.

Q: What made you decide to get into massage work?

A: I came to Columbia for family and weather. When I got here, I put massaging on the back burner.

To be a new mom, I needed a full-time job. I did customer service work but always wanted to do something that was my passion.

A friend of mine suggested I finish massage school and the program here was shorted.

I kind of stumbled into my passion once I started. I enjoy helping people to help them feel better.

Q: How important is self-care specifically being an African-American massage therapist in the community?

A: With just massaging in general, in the black community we see it as a luxury. We use it when it’s given as a gift card. We don’t tie it in as a health benefit. I love to educate my friends and family that take prescription drugs or even find themselves self-medicating that there are so many benefits to massages. It helps people with diabetes and high blood pressure, which is also prevalent in the black community. I try to help give the basics to help and show that there’s more things to do than take a pill the rest of our lives.

Q: What’s next?

A: I want to expand my services. Right now I’m also teaching full-time and want to scale back and offer more days and services.

I also want to add holistic products to clients like CBD oils and other natural supplements.

Preach Jacobs, special to GoColumbia