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5 MINUTES WITH Chef Folami

Chef Folami
Chef Folami Chris Smith

Columbia is a place that prides itself with the idea of “southern cooking” or as some people call it, “comfort food.” These items are usually fried and mostly food that had parents. For people looking for an alternative to that, whether you’re a vegan or wanting to try something new, Folami with A Peace of Soul is the best the town has to offer. We chop it up with her. Enjoy.

Q: For the people who don’t know you, tell us about yourself.

A: I’m Folami, chef and owner of A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen, formerly Lamb’s Bread at 2338 Main St. I was born and raised here in Columbia to parents who decided to stop eating meat before they had me.

Q: Being in the south, it can be difficult to get people into the idea of veganism. What got you into a plant-based diet and why is it important to offer this option to the people of Columbia?

A: Being vegetarian gave me a different perspective on animals, I never thought of them as food. I can remember growing up and being the only person at school who didn’t eat meat. It’s much more prevalent now!

We bridge the gap at A Peace of Soul by making food that’s familiar and that everyone can enjoy. The majority of my customers aren’t plant-based but they appreciate having a flavorful and healthy alternative. The most accepted version of soul food is laden with lots of fats, heavy meats, and sugars. It’s important that we provide the foods you love without the ingredients that eventually wreak havoc on your body.

Q: Tell us the most popular item on the menu.

A: Our menu offerings range from collards, mac and “cheese,” black eye peas, and candied yams to kale salads and curry chickpeas. Currently, the most popular dish is our fried “chicken” sandwich. We can barely make enough to cover demand. Instead of the actual version that is battered with bleached flour, eggs, and milk and then fried in lard, we use organic unbleached whole wheat flour, non dairy milk and non-GMO sunflower oil.

Q: When will construction be complete on the building and for people wanting to pull up to the food truck, where can they catch you?

A: You can catch us in Columbia for the next few weeks at or near our physical location. We’re transitioning back into our newly renovated brick and mortar. We post our service dates on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@peaceofsoulsc).

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