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How I Go Columbia: Wordless News’ Maria Fabrizio

Maria Fabrizio illustrates Wordless News.
Maria Fabrizio illustrates Wordless News. Provided

Maria Fabrizio is a Columbia-based illustrator and designer who believes that smart ideas make beautiful work. With an affection for process, Fabrizio strives to craft impactful work through collaboration with clients large and small. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, she runs her design business in Columbia while maintaining her daily illustration blog – Wordless News, as featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition.” A 2004 visual arts graduate of South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, Fabrizio now serves on the school’s board of directors. Her first book, “Cultivating Creativity: Daily Rituals for Visual Inspiration,” was published by FW Media in April.

EAT: I’m a big fan of Yesterday’s; it always feels nostalgic and comfortable. I also love Cola’s; it has a great atmosphere, and the trout is fantastic.”

DRINK: “In the morning, a Dirty Chai from Drip; in the evening, a glass of prosecco at Tazza Kitchen.”

PLAY: “I love to run and walk on the canal. It’s a nice and easy way to be outside and enjoy the river in downtown Columbia. The Columbia Museum of Art is another favorite place. They’ve had some fantastic exhibits in the past few years, and it’s a great place for inspiration and learning.”

LISTEN: “I’m really thankful that Columbia now has the Music Farm to bring in people like Jason Isbell. It’s a great venue. The place I frequent the most for great music, though, is Downtown Church. Every Sunday is different and surprising, and they bring in the best musicians in town.”

SEE: “Main Street has really become a place to enjoy, especially on Saturday morning during Soda City. It’s so great to stroll down the crowded street, try delicious food and bump into friends. I also love that there is free yoga in front of the art museum – all of the great things happening on Main Street make Columbia feel like a place of growth and progress.”

Janet Jones Kendall, Special to Go Columbia