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Tim Daisy makes music out of everything, even Donald Trump’s voice

Tim Daisy will perform on the ground at ifART Gallery on Nov. 18.
Tim Daisy will perform on the ground at ifART Gallery on Nov. 18.

Improvisational musician Tim Daisy enjoys turning everyday objects into instruments. Scrap metal, chains, saw blades, alarm clocks and radios all find their way into his percussive performances. He might drag chains across a snare drum, drop a piece of aluminum onto a metal pan, or scrape a brush across a gong while radio static hisses in the background.

With so many ways to make music, Daisy decided he needed more space to spread out. Hence his “otg red Nation” tour – “Otg” meaning “on the ground,” and “red Nation” denoting his fondness for the color red.

Daisy will play a show at if ART Gallery on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

“It gives me more possibilities,” Daisy said of his floor performances. Playing on the floor also spurs his creativity.

“I’ve performed a lot on the drum set, which can feel like a security blanket. This forces me to come up with some new ideas,” he said.

In his shows, Daisy strives for an organic flow of sound. He knows what he wants to happen in the beginning, middle and end of a set, but what happens in between is anyone’s guess.

“I try to get into a zone where the ideas come out without me having to work. It should just be ideas happening,” he said.

His current pieces utilize turntables and gongs, which Daisy likes to lay flat on a drum to resonate their sound. Radios add an extra layer to the purposeful cacophony.

Once, during a past performance at Conundrum Music Hall in Columbia, Daisy turned on a radio to a random channel and heard Donald Trump’s voice ring out, “Forgiveness, it’s all about forgiveness!”

He turned it off immediately.

“That’s probably the strangest sound I’ve ever made,” he said.

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Improv percussionist Tim Daisy’s “otg red Nation” tour

WHEN: 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18. Doors open at 7 p.m.

WHERE: if ART Gallery, 1223 Lincoln St.

COST: $5