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Columbia readers: Get ready for some deals on books

Shoppers look through books at a past sale.
Shoppers look through books at a past sale. File photo/The State

On Saturday, you might want to get up and get moving a little earlier than usual.

That’s because at 9 a.m. sharp, Richland Library will hold its summer book sale. At last count, more than 30,000 gently used books, CDs, videos and DVD will be available for sale, at greatly reduced prices – paperbacks will be available for $1 and hardback books will start at just $2.

Used book sales aren’t just a great way to stock up on books to fill shelves and top coffee tables. Take an inexpensive used book or two on vacation, and you can offload it when you’re finished so that another reader can enjoy it for free. Used book sales also are often the only place to find popular works that are no longer in print, such as Norman Dixon’s “On the Psychology of Military Incompetence,” which, according to the web site www.bookfinder.com was the most searched for out-of-print book in 2014.

But often, the joy of a book sale is seeing and touching a book from another era of your life, like an old cookbook that you remember from a your grandmother’s kitchen or a childhood favorite that became too worn out to save, especially when you can bring them home for a pittance.

Best of all, supporting the book sale means supporting Richland Library, which, in addition to loaning books, provides literary and cultural programs, a quiet space to study and free internet.

The sale will be held at the library’s Operations Center, just off Bush River Road at 130 Lancewood Road, Columbia.

For more information, visit www.richlandlibrary.com

Katie McElveen, Special to The State