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McDonald’s has a burger called the South Carolina Stack, but you can’t get it in SC

For a limited time McDonald’s is offering a hamburger called the South Carolina Stack.

But the burger named after the Palmetto State is not being sold in South Carolina. In fact, the burger is not available anywhere in the United States.

Diners looking to try the South Carolina Stack will have to travel all the way to Europe to eat the burger, since it’s only available at McDonald’s UK restaurants.

McDonald’s even tweeted about the return of the South Carolina Stack, saying “Not available in America (Sorry America).”

The South Carolina Stack is available until June 11, according to the tweet.

It is part of a series of burgers and sandwiches named after iconic American locations that are being sold at McDonald’s in the UK. The series also includes the New York Stack, Mississippi Stack, Kansas City Stack, Nashville Chicken and Alabama Chicken, according to McDonald’s.

The South Carolina Stack is composed of “two 100% British and Irish beef burgers with bacon, smoky cheese, a Carolina Gold BBQ sauce, onions and lettuce in a cornbread style bun,” McDonald’s said on its website.

While the barbecue sauce might evoke the sweet mustard-based sauce South Carolina is known for, the other ingredients aren’t unique to the Palmetto State.

The burger has drawn a sharp reaction on social media.

“Such a weird burger wouldn’t even be found here in SC. Make some pimento cheese with the bacon or toss on a fried green tomato. Or add Cole slaw. But just mustard based barbecue sauce is a swing and a miss,” Rusty Spurs tweeted.

Another person on Twitter said “I’ve never seen a burger like that in SC ever,” while someone else complained “South Carolina doesn’t even have the South Carolina Stack, wtf is this??”

The reviews from those who ate the South Carolina Stack were not much better.

“As an American living in the UK, I can honestly say thanks for not having these ‘American’ burgers in America,” one person tweeted.

Someone on Reddit posted about the burger, saying “Tried this last week — absolutely nothing special sadly. Has nothing on a Big Mac.”

Another person was less diplomatic, tweeting “The reason why America doesnt have it; coz its crap!!”

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