Former SC megachurch pastor offers glimpse inside future home of his new congregation

Screenshot of Perry Noble at the new home of Second Chance Church, which is under construction.
Screenshot of Perry Noble at the new home of Second Chance Church, which is under construction. Facebook

Since announcing that his new church was actually moving into a brick-and-mortar building, former South Carolina megachurch pastor Perry Noble has teased out few details.

The former NewSpring Church pastor recently sped up that process with some posts on social media that offered a glimpse inside the new church building in Anderson.

Facebook has been the primary place of worship for Noble and the members of his Second Chance Church congregation. But this week, it was also where Noble posted photos and a video of the work being done on their future home.

“Want to bring everybody inside on some cool developments that have happened this week,” Noble said in the video.

While the building is still very much under construction, Noble takes viewers on a tour of the church — at least the parts where it’s safe enough to walk through or had lighting.

The new building is part of a Clemson Boulevard strip mall, whose other tenants include Target, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Petsmart, Michaels and Ashley Furniture.

After finding a safe entrance, the tour begins in the future church’s lobby before moving into a large auditorium area, which Noble said will include a stage and seating for 350-400 people.

“Really, really awesome space,” Noble said.

He moves on to what he calls a children’s area, something he seems enthusiastic about having in the building. He said that will include a nursery room and a children’s ministry hall.

After showing where the restrooms will be, Noble’s options for a tour are limited and he comes to an atrium area before concluding the brief tour. A lot of imagination is required to picture what the church will eventually look like, but it’s clear that Noble has a vision.

“Super, super excited about everything that’s coming together at Second Chance,” he said.

The State previously reported that Noble said he expects to begin holding services in the new church building by “mid- to late September.”

When it does open, that will be a major step for Noble in his return to prominence. Second Chance Church has primarily operated as an online ministry, with most of Noble’s sermons delivered to his Facebook page.

It has been a steady climb for Noble the past two years. He was removed from NewSpring in July 2016 because of alcohol and family issues, reported.

The State previously reported that NewSpring is South Carolina’s largest church, with more than 30,000 members in 17 cities, including three churches in the Midlands. NewSpring has 14 campuses in the Palmetto State, but the church has lost membership after its split with Noble.

NewSpring’s roots go back to a 1998 Bible study group in Noble’s apartment, and its first official service was in January 2000. The church had an income of $64 million in 2015, according to an annual report on the church’s website.

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