Want to be on a game show? Columbia’s escape room opens ‘Game Show Challenge’

If you’ve ever wanted to appear on a game show, now’s your chance.

The creators of Escape Plan Columbia challenge is opening a new attraction, the Game Show Challenge.

It won’t be on TV, but the challenge will give a team of competitors a chance to compete in a 60-minute game show experience

Prompted by the show’s “host,” contestants will guess answers to top survey questions, spin a 7-foot wheel, solve word puzzles, compete to see who knows their teammates best, compete in relays and even drop a chip from 8 feet in the air to see where it lands.

“We’ve seen thousands of people come through Escape Plan since our inception, and we wanted to branch out to create a different type of experience that families, friends and co-workers could enjoy,” said Josh Brickey, creator and owner of the Game Show Challenge.

Escape Plan Columbia opened at 151 Riverchase Way in Lexington in 2015 with a similar format. A team has 60 minutes to find clues and escape a room or complete another objective like defuse a bomb. Brickey hopes the Game Show Challenge will appeal to the players’ same competitive instinct.

“We found that a lot of people would love to experience a game show,” Brickey said.

The game can be played by teams with at least four players. If more than 12 people want to play at a time, the extra people have the option to play the audience for the show until it’s their turn.

Brickey says he’s exploring the possibility of recording the shows for players to buy but wants to ensure they can produce a high-quality recording of the show first.

To book a show, visit or call 803-470-1112.

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