USC has a plane? Here's what they've been doing with it

Flight logs for the University of South Carolina's plane

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Updated on May 23, 2018.

This databases contains the names of passengers, flight time, departure locations and destinations of flights taken in the University of South Carolina's plane, which are posted publicly online.

Why do we publish this data? USC is funded by the state of South Carolina with tax payer money, by students with tuition dollars and donors. Money from these sources is used to maintain the university's plane. Flight logs are included here to serve the public interest, because they are part of the public record.

Search tips: To search by passenger name, type in all or part of a name. (Example: "presley" or "pres" or "elvis".) You can also limit your search by entering a city or airport in the Departing and Arriving fields. Results are returned by date and by last name. Note that results are returned in 1000-record increments but all records matching your search terms will be available. To reduce the number of results pages, keep your search parameters specific (for example, limit results to certain passengers or, for frequent fliers, to both passenger name and airport).

How old is the data and where does it come from? The data is available publicly online. The records were received May 2.

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