Who’s trying to sway SC lawmakers? Here’s how much State House lobbyists get paid.

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Helpful Hints

This database is a list of companies and organizations that employee lobbyists at the S.C. State House, and the amounts they spend. This data is reported twice yearly to the S.C. Ethics Commission. These figures come from year-to-date filings through July 2018.

Why do we publish this data?

Lobbyists work to influence the legislative process in South Carolina, and are required to disclose lobbying activity and their principals to the state Ethics Commission.

Search tips: The data is searchable by lobbyist names or by the company or client (the principal) who’s paying him or her. To search by name, type in all or part of a name. (Example: “presley” or “pres” or “elvis”.) You can also limit your search by entering a clent or company. Results are returned by last name. Note that results are returned in 1000-record increments but all records matching your search terms will be available. To reduce the number of results pages, keep your search parameters specific (for example, using full company names or lobbyists’ first and last names).

How old is the data and where does it come from? The data is publicly available online through the S.C. State Ethics Commission. The records were retrieved August 1.

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