Fixing Thanksgiving dinner - need help?

Staff Reports

Roasted turkey
Roasted turkey sflores@fresnobee.com

Here are some tips (links and videos) that could help if this is your first Thanksgiving or if you’ve been preparing the family feast for years.

Turkey 101

Butterball Hotline

Butterball has been helping frazzled cooks who run into trouble on Thanksgiving Day with its 800 number.

How to spatchcock a turkey

Some cooks swear by this method of cooking a turkey and insist it gives the best taste, juciest meat and crispest skin.

Deep frying a turkey

Think you might want to deep fry your turkey?

This article tells you how it’s done without burning down the neighborhood.

This video shows you how.

Thanksgiving on a budget

How to feed the hordes on the cheap without serving a sad skimpy meal.

Going out to eat for Thanksgiving

And if all else fails.. or you just don’t want to go through all the hassle, here’s where you can go on Thanksgiving in the Midlands to get your Thanksgiving meal.