Governor’s race hopeful Templeton to introduce Bannon at SC speech Friday

Catherine Templeton: 'Henry is no Trump!'

Republican Catherine Templeton said she will forgo one benefit of being S.C. governor, if she is elected.
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Republican Catherine Templeton said she will forgo one benefit of being S.C. governor, if she is elected.

It appears Catherine Templeton’s radio interview last week where she praised Steve Bannon had the desired effect.

The candidate for the GOP nomination for S.C. governor hopeful will introduce the executive chairman of Breitbart News when he makes a speech in Charleston Friday. President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist is scheduled to be the special guest of the annual Patriot Dinner held by the The Citadel Republican Society.

Templeton has defended and endorsed Bannon’s appearance, which has drawn criticism and will be protested by activists.

“I think it’s ridiculous they’re upset,” Templeton said Oct. 30 during a radio interview with WTMA’s Charlie James. “For people to be upset that he’s going to come to South Carolina to give his perspective is so hypocritical. It’s such a marker of liberal outrage for not getting their way. I’m glad he’s coming. I’m welcoming him to the state.”

S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster got Trump to appear and speak at a fundraiser for his campaign in October. Templeton, McMaster’s top rival in the GOP primary, is courting the support of Bannon and the conservative voters who rally to his cause.

During the radio interview, Templeton lavished praise on Bannon. The 46-year-old Charleston attorney shared a story about being invited to Trump Tower after the 2016 election to interview for a possible position in the Trump Administration.

Along with meeting Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, Templeton met with Bannon, saying she knew he was brilliant in 5 minutes.

“Steve Bannon is a higher-level thinker,” said Templeton, before paying possibly her highest compliment. “I applaud Steve Bannon for being the voice for the rest of us.”

That’s a term Templeton borrowed from her father. She said he described “us” as the people who have “followed rules, worked hard, done what we’re supposed to do, not minded helping those who need help.”

In addition to trying to unseat McMaster, Templeton is running against Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant and former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill in a crowded GOP primary field.

Two Democrats – state Rep. James Smith and businessman Phil Noble – also have entered the governor’s race.

Speaking the same language?

Catherine Templeton, the 46-year-old Charleston attorney and candidate for the GOP nomination for S.C. governor, said Steve Bannon can’t be held accountable for everything printed by Breitbart, even though he’s the organization’s executive chairman.

However, Templeton and Bannon might see eye-to-eye on one of Breitbart’s more controversial stances.

Shortly after convicted white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine African-Americans during a Bible study at Charleston’s historic Emanuel AME church in 2015, Breitbart published an ode to the rebel flag, saying it “proclaims a glorious heritage.”

While Templeton supported removing the Confederate flag from the State House grounds, she has said she would not support removing other Confederate monuments and is “proud of the Confederacy.”

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