Need sand and bags? Here’s where you should go in the Midlands

The closer Hurricane Florence gets to the Midlands, the more residents are hearing about possibly catastrophic flooding. On Thursday, Richland and Lexington counties were issued flood and storm watches. Some officials are warning that the aftermath could be reminiscent of the 2015 floods that left parts of Columbia and elsewhere underwater.

Multiple stores have sold out of sand and bags, even when receiving new shipments everyday.

If you are still looking for sand or bags, these are the places you will have the best chances of finding it, as of Friday morning:

Sand (in plastic bags): can be used to create barriers, not to absorb water. These stores do not have burlap bags.

Home Depot, 7701 Two Notch Road, Columbia - 803-736-1666

Home Depot, 5200 Fernandina Road, Columbia - 803-781-0877

Home Depot, 285 Forum Road, Columbia - 803-419-9336

Home Depot, 5600 Sunset Blvd., Lexington - 803-359-1194

Bags and sand (in plastic bags)

Lowe’s Home Improvement, 7441 Two Notch Road, Columbia - 803-865-1000

Lowe’s Home Improvement, 390 Harbison Blvd., Columbia* (low supply) - 803-749-1272

Lowe’s Home Improvement, 5570 Platt Springs Road, Lexington* (more bags than sand) - 803-808-5460

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